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Immediate Needs:

    TOP 10

    1. Beef Stew
    2. Sugar
    3. Hamburger Helper
    4. Chili
    5. Chili  with beans
    6. Cereal
    7. Pasta/Rice sides
    8.Chicken Helpers
    9. Tuna Helpers
    10. Apple sauce

    Low sugar food items
    Gluten free items



Pantry is open Monday, Wed. & Friday 1:00 - 4:30pm for public assistance.
Donations can be dropped of 10am - 5pm on those days.

Food is given based on the number of people in the household.

The entrance is handicapped accessible on the East side of the building.



POLICY CHANGE EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1st.  Clients will be able to utilize the Brookings County Emergency Food Pantry 3 times per year...once every 4 months for emergency food needs and will need to provide proof of residence each time you come in

Brookings Food Pantry Mission:  The primary objects and purposes of the Brookings County Food Pantry shall be to help solve EMERGENCY food needs of Brookings County families by providing them with surplus or salvaged food, for the benefit of the general public and to relieve the public burden.
To receive emergency food assistance please bring the following with you:
1. Proof of your physical address (Ex: Current utility or gas bill, lease/rental agreement, or letter of acceptance for public assistance with your current address. No junk mail and no P.O. Box accepted)
2. Current picture identification.

For additional information on New Policy changes please contact the Brookings Food Pantry directly: 605-692-5007


Food donated to the Food Pantry is distributed free to those in need.  Food aid is not meant to be a permanent solution.

Clients include:

  • Those suddenly laid off work.
  • Victims of fire, flood or other disasters.
  • Those whose families are in crisis.
  • Those who are waiting for or have run out of other assistance programs.


A United Way

Council for Emergency Service

Helpline Center
Dial 211